The Project is going to go trough 4 Stages, like most other projects, planning, alpha, beta and release. It started as a closed project.

This is the Planning stage, during which the layout and implementation of the Photo editing program will be planned and designed, as well as future features.
  Alpha Phase 1
This is the initial Alpha phase. During this time, the program will feature basic functionalities like Brushes and simple BMP loading.
  Alpha Phase 2
Further development to a more mature state will be done to the Project. New features will include Filters and Image blending
  Alpha Phase 3
Final Alpha Release, which will include more advanced Filters and a more mature scripting. Furthermore, Alpha selection will be added.
Currently@ Beta Phase 1
A more mature version of the project, with some bugs from Alpha 3 removed.
    Beta Phase 2
This Stage will feature the stable version of Beta 1, but no new features are planned for this release. More enhancement to the scripting engine and overall capability.
  Release 1
The first release version. Will feature more file support (JPG, GIF and others). Future releases will be based on this.
  Release 2
All continuing releases are most likely only going to feature more file support, less bugs and overall speed improvements.
Programming by Michael Kissner